Spend less time testing your JavaScript.

Introducing BrowserSwarm - A tool that automates your testing of JavaScript across browsers. Spend less time testing and more time innovating.

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    How BrowserSwarm works

    1. BrowserSwarm connects directly to your GitHub code repo.
    2. When your team makes updates, BrowserSwarm automatically runs your project's Unit Test Suite and supports Frameworks, like QUnit, in the cloud using Sauce Labs browser automation.
    3. You can easily view or download the results.

    BrowserSwarm is designed to grow. Stay tuned as we add new Tests, Unit Testing Frameworks and automated testing across more browsers and devices.

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    The people behind BrowserSwarm

    BrowserSwarm is a project from appendTo, Sauce Labs and the Internet Explorer team:

    appendTo provides industry-leading front end software development and developer training services. Since 2009, appendTo has developed front-end solutions for companies including Lenovo, Microsoft, Pearson, Purdue Pharma, Pitney Bowes and Time, Inc. In addition to delivering some of the most sophisticated front-end solutions on the market, our corporate clients and independent developers worldwide rely on appendTo for solution delivery and training.

    The Internet Explorer team collaborated on BrowserSwarm to help make it easier for you to test your JavaScript framework across modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and IE9+. We also included support for older versions of IE to help test your site in all versions of IE. If you need more help testing you can also download free virtual machines for your Mac, Linux, or Windows box at http://modern.IE.

    BrowserSwarm is powered by Sauce Labs, a cloud-based testing platform that allows developers and QA engineers to automatically test mobile and web apps across 150+ browser / OS combinations, including iOS, Android & Mac OS X. Whether running automated Selenium tests and Javascript unit tests, Sauce lets you easily scale test coverage without ever setting up or maintaining test infrastructure. Sauce works locally or behind the firewall with a secure tunnel, and supports multiple programming languages and testing frameworks. Sauce is also free for open source projects and integrates with other popular CI systems like Travis, Strider, Jenkins and Bamboo.